New audio engine with 5.1 surround support

One of the major enhancements in Ellooh is the Audio Enhancements. The audio engine has been built up from the ground and now Ellooh offers you rich audio capabilities with 5.1 channel surround sound, real-time mixing, and DSP filters. Because multiple audio sources are merged into a single audio source, mixers save resources by reducing the amount of data transferred to the sound card.

The new Audio Panning helps user to achieve the following:

  1. Play mono or stereo audio on a 5.1 surround speakers with great quality.
  2. Control the contribution of the audio signal to each of the speaker to give a sense of direction to audio.

Let’s consider a scenario where a bird is moving from left to right. Now to achieve positional panning, i.e. panning audio signals only to specific speakers, the panMatrix property of the SoundMixer needs to be used. For example, when a mono is panned to 5.1 then using panMatrix one can specify the contribution of the source mono channel to various different channels of the 5.1.  If the audio source is towards to the left of the listener in a 3D world, the audio source will have its output only to the left and left surround channels (or speakers) of the 5.1 and contribution of the source audio to the other channels (or speakers) can be set to zero. When the audio source slowly moves from left towards right, the contribution of the audio source to the left and left surround speakers can be gradually decreased and to the right and right surround speakers can be slowly increased.

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