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  • Web Hosting
1 maand
12 maanden
24 maanden
36 maanden
eenmalige setup: 29,95 € eenmalige setup: 29,95 € eenmalige setup: 29,95 € eenmalige setup: 29,95 €
prijs per maand: 29,95 € prijs per maand: 19,95 € prijs per maand: 12,95 € prijs per maand: 7,95 €

  • Semi Dedicated Hosting

CyberTronix. knows that there are websites that simply need more. If your whole business depends on your website performance, or you have a highly visited personal site, or you have chosen to use a more resource demanding script our Semi Dedicated servers may be the perfect solution! The low number of websites hosted on one semi dedicated server guarantees that you can rely on abundant server resources. And this is available for the fraction of the price of a fully dedicated solution!

Your website receives not only more server resources, but also more human attention. The issues reported by our Semi Dedicated customers are solved with higher priority by our support team.

To provide great performance even in peak activity periods we allocate up to 4 time more CPU usage time and other resources to our Semi Dedicated customers compared to the standard shared hosting.

The websites hosted on a Semi Dedicated server are backed up each day for the best protection of your data. You also receive one year FREE SSL certificate!

geavanceerde hosting
pro hosting
webruimte: 20 GB webruimte: 30 GB webruimte: 40 GB
bandbreedte: 1000 GB bandbreedte: 1500 GB bandbreedte: 2000 GB
eenmalige setup: 30 € eenmalige setup: 30 € eenmalige setup: 30 €
prijs per maand: 59,95 €* prijs per maand: 119,95 € prijs per maand: 179,95 €
*a minimum of three months commitment is required for the Basic package.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Professional Dedicated Hosting Services

  1. Guaranteed data security and reliability
  2. Generous resources for your large website
  3. The most powerful Dedicated hosting solution
  4. Professional setup and software installation
Atom Dual-Core 330 1.6 GHz
Intel i3 540 3.06 GHz
Nehalem Xeon 5520 2.26 GHz
CentOS CentOS CentOS
RAM: 2 GB RAM: 4 GB RAM: 12 GB
Hard Disk: 500 GB Hard Disk: 500 GB Hard Disk: 1 TB
Maandelijkse traffiek: 10 TB Maandelijkse traffiek: 10 TB Maandelijkse traffiek: 10 TB
Uplink snelheid: 100 mbps Uplink snelheid: 100 mbps Uplink snelheid: 100 mbps
eenmalige setup: 99,95 € eenmalige setup: 199,95 € eenmalige setup: 219,95 €
prijs per maand: 339,95 € prijs per maand: 419,95 € prijs per maand: 619,95 €

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. It has considerable advantages over the other hosting solutions as the resource usage and the security of a website hosted on the cloud is guaranteed by many servers instead of just one. The cloud technology also removes any physical limitations for growth and makes the solution extremely flexible.

Cloud hosting uses a highly advanced virtualization system which guarantees that no website will be affected by other users on the same cloud. This guarantees a dedicated server-like feel and yet allows us to offer flexible Cloud hosting plans, suitable for smaller websites too. With our cloud hosting any website can benefit from being hosted on a cloud of powerful machines, and yet pay only for the small fraction of the resources they will need.

CyberTronix. new cloud hosting service allows even smaller websites to benefit from the most innovative technology in web hosting on a great price.

  1. The most innovative technology in the hosting industry
  2. Website performance guaranteed by multiple machines
  3. Guaranteed server resources with advanced virtualization
  4. Extremely affordable pricing and generous features
Basis Cloud Hosting
Geavanceerde Cloud Hosting
Pro Cloud Hosting
eenmalige setup: 119,95 € eenmalige setup: 119,95 € eenmalige setup: 119,95 €
prijs per maand: 119,95 € prijs per maand: 139,95 € prijs per maand: 179,95 €