happy holidays!

By admin | Published December 20th, 2022

As the days count down to Christmas, allow me to wish you a very Happy Holiday! Life is stressful for many of us, remember to take a deep breath and celebrate the holiday before plunging back into worrying about the future. There’s lots of good news floating around if you give yourself permission to look…

A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work

By admin | Published December 22nd, 2021

The YouTube video “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work” keeps reappearing in my email box, sent by friends. It’s a great video using humor and a smart little kid to communicate a million truths about mobile and our times.

3D Wedding Shoot
by Abraham Joffe

By admin | Published August 9th, 2010

The Behind the Scenes of the first wedding to be filmed in 3D using Panasonic’s soon to be released AG3D-A1 cameras.

Optimize your Banner Ad Campaign

By admin | Published June 19th, 2010

When it comes to banner advertising, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Too many times have I come across banner ad campaigns that were ill-thought, badly planned and just don’t work. There are a few things you need to understand before you can approach banner advertising in an effective way. It’s…

Preguntas Hermosas

By admin | Published June 11th, 2010

“Preguntas Hermosas” is a story about a time that was shared between two people, told through a combination of “Poema X” by Pablo Neruda and “Under the Harvest Moon” by Carl Sandburg. It unfolds in three parts; a fond remembrance, loss, and then finally acceptance.

Pacific Star II

By admin | Published June 11th, 2010

This is the second trip of my home made high altitude weather balloon photography project, Pacific Star. The balloon was launched at 5:37pm (PST) from Oxnard, CA and reached an altitude of 125,000 feet snapping photos and recording video along the way. The balloon burst, the parachute deployed, and the payload floated down for 35…


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